• Umelore is an online marketplace

    connecting Indigenous artists with the rest of the world

    Umelore seeks to encourage more professionals to design with Indigenous artwork.

  • What is Umelore?


    Umelore (pronounced U-ME-LORE) translated refers to the traditional knowledge that has been passed from generation to generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people


    Umelore was created to help Indigenous artists build sustainable art practices so that they can continue to contribute to the preservation of Indigenous Australian culture with their creations.


    We make it easy for Indigenous artists to create income from selling their creations in numerous ways. Umelore not only allows them to sell their original paintings but also enables businesses to easily license their artwork onto products/publications. We work to give them the audience they deserve.

  • Umelore's Founder & CEO

    Meet Alisha Jayne

    "My mission is to preserve and increase appreciation for my culture and people."

    Alisha Jayne is both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Her heritage originates from the following clans: Gurang (Rainforest people), Beaudesert, Wuthathi (Shelbourne Bay). She grew up all over Queensland including in the Torres Strait Islands.


    Alisha studied Business and Law and Majored in Accounting at university. Whilst at university, Alisha started a company called Faebella which is a luxury activewear brand incorporating Indigenous artwork into the designs. She is now set on encouraging other designers to work with Indigenous artwork to help share her people's culture and history which is more than 60,000 years old!


    "My goal is to create a fund for Indigenous people that rectifies their disadvantages. I will do this by donating 5% of Umelore's earnings to the fund. It is time for Indigenous people to be given the libery to manage their own affairs. I have grown up with culture and seek to utilise my thorough Western education for the benefit of my people."


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