• For-profit Publication Use of Artwork.

    See a cost breakdown of licenses for FOR-PROFIT PUBLICATION USE of artwork.

    This applies to you if you are creating with the artwork to produce publication items in umlimited quantities in the public eye with the intention of monetary gain.

    Unlimited quantities: There is no limit to the amount of items produced incorporating the artwork.

    In the Public Eye: Paid advertising allowed.

    Publication items: Printed items such as managazines, books etc.

    Monetary gain: This means you are incorporating the artwork with the intention to make a profit from the item.

    If your actual usage falls out of these boundaries:

    You will be notified by Umelore. You will be asked to either remove the infringement or update your usage plan. Failure to oblige will result in further action.

  • Pricing|For-profit Publication Use

    *Prices are subject to change.


    Our general pricing for a license is for non-exclusive use for 1 year only.

    Single-use model available.


    Choice of payment type available:

    Lump sum payment OR Lump sum + ongoing royalties (OR) payment.





    1. $1000 and less
    2. $3000 and less
    3. $5000 and less
    4. $10,000 and less
    5. $20,000 and less


    1. $500 AUD + 0.03%
    2. $750 AUD + 0.03%
    3. $1000 AUD + 0.03%
    4. $1500 AUD + 0.03%
    5. $2000 AUD + 0.03%
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