• Upload your art.

    Make more money.

    You can sell the non-exclusive license to use your art and give your creations another platform while still maintaining control over your creation.

  • How Umelore works

    Upload your art, its story and your story.

    You can still sell the physical painting of your art and make money the way you normally do. All we need is a photo of the art.

    Building your profile

    The more information you can give us, the better. We'd love to show off your profile as an artist, your experience, your style of art. We'd also love to share the story of your art.

    Umelore notifies you if the image is being used and how.

    We will take care of all the boring admin stuff. When someone purchases a license to use the image of your art, we will notify you. When the 1 year use is up, will notify the buyer and they will need to pay more to renew the license.

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