• How can Umelore help you?

    We make ordering art easy-whether you're wanting a painting or the license for the artwork image

    Have a vision in mind? Submit a commission request and one of our talented artists can create it for you

    Browse our incredible gallery and let us know if we have a painting you need to have!

    Our artists can bring to life the picture you have in mind for your product, print or digital design

    Browse our incredible gallery and get inspiration for your product, print or digital design

  • Explore our gallery showcasing talented artists from around the country

    Create magic designing with Native Australian Art.

    One-click quotes. Design ready files delivered straight to your inbox.

  • How Umelore works

    Our process ensures that you can source a license quickly and get designing!



    Select the license options for your favourite art from our gallery.


    One-click Quote

    Select the art and how you're using it.



    Make your payment through Umelore and we'll organise the artist's fees.


    License generation

    You'll receive an invoice with your terms of use and the file for the digital image. Done!

  • Why Umelore?

    Time saver

    Looking for an artist, the art and an agreement that satisfies both parties is a time-consuming pursuit. That's why we've sourced the artists for you and put all their art that they're happy to license in one place.

    Risk Free

    Umelore is indigenous-owned and only provides artworks from artists that want to license their work. So you can be certain that the artwork you use has been ethically sourced.

    Stress Free

    Umelore is designed to take away all the admin. Once you've secured a license, we'll send you the payment receipt with the license terms on it. We'll also notify you once the license has expired which you'll have the opportunity to renew.

  • Looking for something specific?

    Complete a commission request including as much detail as you can. We will send the request to our artists and be in touch to get the project rolling!


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